Watford Fixtures are here!! So, after much debating with myself, I’ve decided to keep going with the Premier League fixture lists that have been a bit of a hit over the past few years. I know I’m a bit late to the party, but the feedback I’ve been getting regarding these calendars means it’s worth keeping them going. Why? because they update with the scores and scorers automatically, and of course, and fixture changes push through to your calendar without you having to do anything!

You can either copy the filepath using your PC or Mac, or on your smartphone, just hold down on the link to copy the url.

Watford Fixtures: http://www.feintzebra.co.uk/fixtures/watford_fixtures.ics

Here are a few ways you can subscribe to it – if there are any I have missed off, please let me know and I will add the instructions below:
Mozilla Sunbird
File >> Subscribe To Remote Calendar
Select On the Network and click Next
Enter web address listed above under Location. Click next
Customize on this page if you wish.
Click finish.

Google Calendars
Click on the arrow to the right of Other Calendars
Select Add from URL
Enter web address listed above.
Click Add Calendar

Click on Calendar
Right click “Other Calendars”
Select “Add Calendar >> From Internet”
Enter URL at top of post.
Click OK

Apple Calendar
Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Add Account >> Other
Add Subscribed Calendar
Paste ICS link

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