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Just been out for a walk along the coast and spotted Jay Spearing getting picked up by a bird

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Thanks to Emma Poots for not knowingly letting me pinch the picture of the seagull.

The Never Ending Story IV

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Sorry to trick you all - there isn't a Never Ending Story IV coming out - not that I'm aware of anyway, but listening to this music really brought back memories of when I was a kid and had a fantastic imaginat...

One of my favourite pics of Jay Spearing

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Jay Spearing

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Just what goes through our players minds when they line up for their squad pictures before a game? #LFC

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Here's a unique insight into what goes through the LFC players minds when lining up for their squad photograph at the beginning of a football match.

Jay Spearing initiates Ryan McLaughlin into the first team by pissing on him

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Dirty Jay. I've heard a rumour that this is what he does to all people that come in that are better than him!

Great shot of LFC changing rooms with Suarez / Spearing shirts.

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Poor Spearing. Will I ever leave him alone?

Jay Spearings Farm Adventure

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Of course, its not even Baby Jay - its Full Grown Jay. You probably need to look here to explain why its such a shit photoshop.

Just what was @LucasLeiva87 scared of whilst training with Jay Spearing?

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So, we've seen the picture of Lucas Leiva and Jay Spearing in training, with Lucas looking like he'd spotted something scary. Here I reveal the actual picture, not the photoshopped one, of just what he saw yesterd...

Saw Jay Spearing at a Chinese in Liverpool last night – took a sneaky vid

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Oh dear. Fell for it did you? Did you know that the smallest human being on record isn't Jay Spearing but Chandra Bahdur Dangi - measuring in at a staggering 1ft 9in. Took me by surprise too!

Wee Jay Spearing dancing with some girlies

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Jay Spearing has signed for Real Madrid

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Part of the upcoming "Impossible signings" series.

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