tinkerman With the Premier League drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect upon the amazing achieved that has unfolded in front of our eyes over the past 36 matches.

Back in July 2015, The Tinkerman replaced Nigel Pearson as boss of Leicester. Marcus Christensen of The Guardian concluded in an article that “If Leicester wanted someone nice, they’ve got him. If they wanted someone to keep them in the Premier League, then they may have gone for the wrong guy”.

Backfire much?

To be fair, most people thought that, after the disappointing season they had just had, they would end up in a relegation battle, with betting at Ladbrokes offering tiny odds on them getting relegated, but whopping odds of 5000/1 for them to lift the Premier League trophy.

I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if Leicester had been relegated as they were much of a muchness the previous season, but being a Liverpool fan, and given the opportunity to name a team that you would prefer to win the Premier League over the Chelseas and Manchester Citys of the league, I would have plumped for someone like a Leicester or a Newcastle.

Some barmy Leicester fans even went on to shove money at 5000/1 for them to win the league, with reports throughout the season of people bottling it and cashing out, still earning 10k+ plus.

Ladbrokes recently issued a press release, with the following biggest winners from their customers at the 5000/1:

£20 win – £100,000
£10 each way – £73,5000
£5 each way – £33,333
£5 each way – £33,333
£2 win – £10,000
£1 each way – £6,666

47 bets at 5000/1 at start of season
25 cash outs
£3m payout!

It pays to dream!

What it does show now, is that teams don’t need endless pots of cash to win the most coveted prize in English football, but a team that play for each other and their manager, and who pour ever ounce of sweat into each and every performance.

I also wonder whether bookies will be offering 5000/1 odds ever again for teams such as Burnley, Sunderland or Norwich to life the Premier League title.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I might put a tenner on Leicester to win the Champions League at 100/1!

See you at the bookies.

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